What's the advantage of Extra Tunings?

Bluesharps are usually tuned in so called Richter Tuning, Chromatics are default tuned in the Solo Tuning
These are the instruments one usually buys in any music store.
This standard was established during the the last century, in some contexts they enable and support a particular music style, in others it seem to be not so optimal.
If you think about what you play and how the note arrangement might be better achieved, using the 'Tuning Designer' to make yourself another instrument might be a good idea.

A good example and a real good alternative to the Solo Tuning of Chromatics, especially for Jazz novices, might be the »Augmented Tuning. This extra tuning avoids the so called enharmonic notes, which appear as equal notes in different holes or breathing directions. Leaving this enharmonics out, results in your 12 hole Chromatic having a range of 4 octaves, instead of only 3, as in the standard Solo tuning.

However, that's a lifelong decision! If you later want switch back to Solo tuning, you'll realize you may have to learn a new instrument.