What happens when I push the 'Request Tuning' button?

1. The moment you push the button your layout is uploaded onto Hohner.
2. The layout will get a unique signature.
3. Provided you've inserted the correct email address, you will immediately receive an email with a quotation on your desired harmonica.
In the same email you will receive the unique signature of your layout.
4. If you approve of our offer, simply answer the email using the signature as your identification.
5. You will then receive an obligatory order confirmation from Hohner, a data-sheet with the note layout for a last check included.
Should there be any obstacles regarding technical features, we will discuss this before moving on.
It's possible that very low pitched reeds may touch the covers, or very high pitched reeds no longer respond.
What we never concern ourselves with is the musical concept behind your tuning ideas. We simply place the reeds into their slots, everything else is your responsibility.

What happenes as soon as I push the button Request Tuning?